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Corporate service

Washing for the organizations which have issued the contract on corporate service with our dry-cleaner stops being troublesome business as "corporate" cares are undertaken by the professional.

Table and bed linen, curtains and pillows, towels and rugs, overalls and a uniform – all this and many other things need regular and careful leaving. And as own laundry for the organizations often appears unattainable luxury, cooperation with "The European dry-cleaner of Apetta" becomes the most logical and convenient decision.

Ironing machine LACO (width 3 m)

Ironing machine LACO (width 3 m)

Laundry can handle 2 000 kg of laundry per day

Laundry can handle 2 000 kg of laundry per day

Washing maсhines IPSO (to 60 kg)

Washing maсhines IPSO (to 60 kg)

Benefits of the Corporate Service Agreement

  • Individual conditions.  Our clients don't overpay for services of a dry-cleaner. We form the price proceeding from volumes of the order, types of fabrics, a set of additional services, long term of the contract and other nuances, and we offer to each client favorable terms.

  • Availability of services of 7 days in a week.  "The European dry-cleaner of Apetta" works without days off. Your orders are quickly carried out and on weekdays, and on days off.

  • Efficiency of performance of work.  Corporate clients are served with the maximum efficiency – is spent for implementation of the order of three o'clock.

  • Reliable delivery service. Delivery of finished clean products is carried out daily to any districts of the city and suburbs. You can order exit services – and then we will arrive to time specified by you to the specified address, we will take away things on service and we will return their clean and ironed.

  • Free test.  Before making the decision on cooperation, you can estimate quality and convenience, having ordered free trial washing.

Pluses of "Apetta European dry-cleaner"

  • High quality employees who regularly improve the skills.

  • The modern import equipment, own service of service working under control of the supplier.

  • Strict control of quality of the performed works.

  • Safe modern chemistry. Means which we use for washing and cleaning of your things are safe on structure and keep structure of fabric.

  • The big list of services including cleaning, washing, repair, ozonization, etc. which will allow to satisfy the most different inquiries of our clients.в.

Long-term cooperation with "The European dry-cleaner of Apetta" - the convenient and favorable decision for our corporate clients. Be engaged in business, develop – and we will undertake care of purity of your textiles!

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