A jacket is one of the most popular types of outerwear, and it's very likely that in any country where there is no endless summer this item is being used for at least 6-7 months a year. During inter-season it's a light jacket protecting from foul weather; during winter it's a warm jacket, often with a hood and a fur trim, for protection against cold and wind. Fashion designers and producers offer a great variety of models for every taste: anoraks, parkas, french tunics, bombers, leather jackets, windbreakers, quilted jackets, etc. Thanks to modern technologies, not only classic fabrics for outerwear, but also high-technology materials that keep warm and protect from humidity and wind are used in manufacture of jackets. Delicate washing of jackets made of such materials is the easiest when you turn to professionals. The European dry cleaners Apetta uses modern chemicals, which help efficiently remove stains from a jacket, refresh it and keep its original qualities and look. Let your things gladden you for many seasons!
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Фильтр №1
Heated (padding polyester, fleece, wool) 86
Light (windbreaker type) 89
Combined (+ leather, suede) 97
Leather, suede 98
Jeans 99
Downy 100

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