Individual laundry


Individual laundry

Individual laundry of bed linen (load capacity - 6 kg)690 rub
Individual laundry of bed linen“Lux” (load capacity - 6 kg)790 rub
Fabric softener90 rub
Bleach90 rub

Laundry service “Lux” is a machine washing with adding delicate detergents for the best preserving fabric structure and color.

Please note that the price list of the dry cleaning office on pr. Nevsky, 114 has changes since 1 August 2014 and they are not duplicated on website.

The price list of this office is available there or by phone 244-32-83.


Individual laundry service and laundry service of dry cleaning

The terms of accepting garments for individual laundry:

  • One load is no more than 6 kg. The price of one load is according to price list, not depending on weight (and no more than 6 kg);
  • The linen is selected by color (to avoid coloring) by the Client himself;
  • Dry cleaning-laundry does not provide special stain removal that is why the stains of blood, tea, juices and wine, oil and dye can remain on your garments;
  • Old linen and linen with mechanic damages can get unfit
  • The linen is accepted according to weight and inventoried from the client’s words. Without inventory, no claims about the quantity are accepted.


The claims about shortage and substitution of linen are accepted during output and check of clean linen only (with inventory).