Your personal technologist


“Apetta” European dry cleanings” offer the clients new special program “Your personal technologist” developed for the garments of premium class.  Exclusive garments and the clothes of individual tailoring require delicate treatment and individual control. In order to provide the safety of your favorite garments the highly qualified expert will control them on each step of processing to get the best result of cleaning.  

The following garments are advised for the program “Your personal technologist”:

  • clothing articles of individual tailoring;
  • clothes of well-known fashion designers;
  • expensive garments, with no information about permitted cleaning variants on labels;
  • clothes that combine different materials required different types of cleaning (e.g. polyester and natural fur);
  • clothes with contrast colors;
  • garments with complex prints and decorative leather elements.

On request the valuable garments can be treated according to this program even if they do not meet the requirements in the list above.  

The price of service “Your personal technologist” is 100% markup to the original cost of cleaning the garment.

The period of garments dry cleaning involving expert increases up to 2-3 days in comparison with standard service, and the price increases by 100%.

The program “Your personal technologist” is available in the following offices of our company:

  • pr. Polyustrovsky, 84  (in shopping mall “Europolis”);
  • pr. Bogatyrsky 13 (in hypermarket “O’KEY”);
  • pr. Prosveshcheniya, 80 (in hypermarket “O’KEY”);
  • highway Vyborgskoye, 19 (in hypermarket “O’KEY”);
  • ul. Dolgoozernaya, 14 (in shopping mall “5 Ozer”)
  • pr. Marshala Zhukova, 31, k. 1 (in hypermarket “O’KEY”);
  • pr. Kosmonavtov, 45 (in hypermarket “O’KEY”);
  • ul. Malaya Balkanskaya, 27 (in hypermarket “O’KEY”);
  • pr. Nevsky, 114 (in shopping mall “Nevsky Centre”).


In case when the technologist considers it impossible to clean particular clothing article, the client gets full refund.

Contact us in order to get detailed information about price, the program and to ask a question, the phone numbers you can find on website of the company “Apetta”.