Stage costume1000 rub
Hockey outfit (field player)** (up to 17 kg)1100 rub
Hockey outfit (goalkeeper) (17-35 kg)1300 rub
Part of outfit (single, pair set for extremities protection)300 rub
Sports shoes (trainers, skates, roller skates), pair300 rub
Sports shoes (boots, ski-boots), pair500 rub
Head covering, helmet300 rub
Bag, trunk bag500 rub
For children (child car seat, secure baby carrier, removable parts of pram)500 rub
For pets (pet bedding, pet house)400 rub

The markup for ozonation of textile, fur garments (after dry cleaning) is 30 % by the cost of dry cleaning.

For leather garments markup is 20%.

The period of service delivery is 4 days.


Terms of accepting garments for ozonation:

  1. Maximum garment dimensions are 72х50х155 cm.
  2. Only clean garments are accepted.
  3. If the garment contains fixed materials non-resistant to ozone: natural rubber, iron without covering, carbon steel, copper and copper alloy products, sintered stainless steel, АВS plastic, nylon, polyamides, polyethylene, polypropylene, butadiene-nitrile rubber – the company is not responsible for damage or color change of such garments. In case of damage of removable details (fittings) because of our fault, the Client gets the replacement or refund of them.  
  4. Incomplete removal of resistant odor is possible due to lack of ozone access inside the garment because of its features of construction and impossible increase of ozone concentration for processing garments with fixed non-resistant to ozone details.
  5. Discount does not apply on children’s garments.

* Sports outfit set includes:

sports suit (overall/separate – semi-overall, jacket), gloves, boots, helmet, protection for different parts of body.

**Hockey outfit set includes:

throat guard, breast plate, elbow pads, pants, goalie leg pads, skates, mask, shirt, blocking glove, goalie catcher, groin protection, helmet, hockey stick bag, trunk bag.


The company “Apetta” European dry cleanings” for almost 20 years has provided clients with qualified dry cleaning services. Though sometimes in particular situations the cleaning with detergents is not suitable, e.g. the cleaning of children’s clothes. In this case we offer you the service which is gaining more and more popularity. Here is the ozonation – the best addition to or even replacement of dry cleaning.


The obvious advantages of ozonation:

  • Ozone is absolutely eco-friendly that makes it the best solution for people with allergies.
  • Due to the specific process of ozonation without using any chemicals, you can clean by this way even child’s clothes and toys, and it is safer for them.
  • Ozonation helps to remove unpleasant odors.
  • Ozonation kills fungal spores and viruses.

With the help of this procedure we can easy and quickly remove viruses, fungal spores and bacteria from all kinds of fabric and this procedure is like disinfection or sterilization.   If you cannot remove the smell of smoke from your clothes we offer you this service. This way of disinfection and dezodoration is universal because it suits even for delicate clothes. Believe it or not but after just few minutes of ozone treatment you will get you odorless garment back.

Sometimes dry cleaning does not remove unpleasant odors completely. Then the best addition to the dry cleaning is ozonation, especially for leather garments. When you order the ozonation for your favorite leather jacket it will smell like the new one afterwards. 

Ozonation also removes the smell of sweat. This quality is appreciated by sportsmen who fight the unpleasant smells on the outfit and boots after hard workouts. Ozone can remove even the smell of pets. It should be noted that ozone fight bacteria, in other words it does not remove only odor it remove its cause.

The ozone treatment can help you to remove the smoke smell after fire, and not only clothes can be treated, but the household items as well –– toys, prams, child car seats,  down feather products, shoes, carpets and blankets and motorbike helmets and ski equipment. When you choose ozonation service you get the absolutely clean clothes with no unpleasant odor.