Dry cleaning for leather and suede


Dry cleaning for leather and suede

Gloves, mittens (sheepskin, thick suede)500 rub
Headwear, hood (leather, combined)600 rub
Vest, shorts1400 rub
Jumper1800 rub
Skirt up to 40 cm1250 rub
Skirt up to 40 cm1800 rub
Sundress1850 rub
Shirt1850 rub
Trousers, breeches1900 rub
Blazer, jacket, short coat2650 rub
Cloak, coat up to 90 cm3000 rub
Sheepskin coat up to 90 cm2950 rub
Sheepskin coat longer than 90 cm3100 rub
Leather down coat2450 rub
Jacket with sheepskin lining3100 rub
Coat with sheepskin lining3300 rub
Fur ugg boots (sheepskin)1200 rub

Garments with textile elements

Vest, shorts1200 rub
Trousers, breeches1600 rub
Jumper1250 rub
Blazer, jacket, short coat up to 90 cm2150 rub
Coat longer than 90 cm2400 rub

Garments with fake fur

Jacket, short coat up to 90 cm2700 rub
Coat longer than 90 cm2900 rub
Leather trim coloring (1 detail)100 rub

Complex dry cleaning of leather and suede includes

dry cleaning of garments and finishing:

greasing, superhydrophobic coating, ironing, spray dyeing for the best color restoration (as needed), teaseling.

We take into account the peculiarities of each particular garment.


If garments with textile elements have 50% and more leather, suede then they are accepted at the price for leather dry cleaning.

The period of service delivery is 5 days.