Dry cleaning for fur garments and fur coats


Natural fur garments

Fur coat from 90 cm (expensive fur)4000 rub
Fur coat up to 90 cm (expensive fur)2900 rub
Fur coat from 90 cm (low-cost fur)2350 rub
Fur coat up to 90 cm (low-cost fur)1900 rub
Fur lining1000 rub
Fur edge up to 40 cm290 rub
Shawl (low-cost fur)620 rub
Shawl (expensive fur)900 rub
Hood, hat, collar (low-cost fur)500 rub
Hood, hat, collar (expensive fur)720 rub
Waistcoat, bolero (expensive fur)2000 rub
Waistcoat, bolero (low-cost fur)1150 rub
Pelt natural (for m2)550 rub

Fake fur garments dry cleaning

Bolero450 rub
Fur lining490 rub
Fake fur hat380 rub
Fur coat, sheepskin coat (from 90 cm)990 rub
Fur coat, sheepskin coat (up to 90 cm)650 rub
+ with hood200 rub

Kinds of expensive fur:

beaver, wolf, ermine, raccoon, karakul sheep, kangaroo, Siberian weasel (kolonok), marten, fox, least weasel, mink, нерпа (тюлень), arctic fox, lynx, sable, chincnilla, polecat.

Kinds of low-cost fur:

squirrel, hare, goat, rabbit, black fox, mouton, nutria, possum, muskrat, dog, marmot.

Please note that the price list of the dry cleaning office on pr. Nevsky, 114 has changes since 1 August 2014 and they are not duplicated on website.

The price list of this office is available there or by phone 244-32-83.