Dry cleaning


Dry cleaning for clothes and textile

Dry cleaning for suit, wedding dress

Trousers430 rub
Breeches, capri pants390 rub
Blazer without lining, jacket460 rub
Tuxedo, frock coat770 rub
Blazer530 rub
Waistcoat270 rub
Shirt, blouse320 rub
Blouse complex420 rub
Skirt, shorts320 rub
Skirt complex440 rub
Tie220 rub
Shawl460 rub
Veil500 rub
Dress, gown, tunic510 rub
Dress complex670 rub
Party dress1400 rub
Corset660 rub
Wedding skirt1540 rub
Wedding dress2200 rub
Wedding dress with train2800 rub
Jumpsuit (light fabric)650 rub
Fancy dress outfit1500 rub

Dry cleaning for jersey

Jumper (blazer)410 rub
Poncho, cardigan550 rub
Waistcoat, bolero320 rub

Dry cleaning for sports clothing

Ski gloves, mittens250 rub
Crop top, top, T-shirt250 rub
Polo shirt, T-shirt with long sleeves290 rub
Jeans430 rub
Sports pants, jersey pants330 rub
Winter overall1350 rub
Semi-overall (winter pants)680 rub
Sweatshirt, sports jacket450 rub
Sweatshirt, sports jacket with hood550 rub

Dry cleaning for outerwear

Lightweight jacket / jeans jacket460 rub
Winter waistcoat760 rub
Jacket with fur collar (up to 90 cm)1370 rub
Jacket with fur collar (from 90 cm)1700 rub
Winter jacket (syntepon, fleece, wool)760 rub
Poncho690 rub
Cloak, summer coat650 rub
Coat demi-season (up to 90 cm)820 rub
Coat demi-season (more than 90 cm)960 rub
Cloak, winter coat up to 90 cm1020 rub
Cloak, winter coat from 90 cm1120 rub
+ with hood made of dense fabric200 rub

Dry cleaning for bags of soft materials (textile)

Bag (small) 30х30 cm350 rub
Bag (middle) 50х50 cm620 rub
Bag (large) more than 50 cm820 rub

Dry cleaning for accessories, toys

Gloves, knitted mittens140 rub
Cap220 rub
Knitted hat220 rub
Kerchief220 rub
Scarf220 rub
Beret220 rub
Stuffed toy (small)200 rub
Stuffed toy (middle)620 rub
Stuffed toy (large)800 rub

Dry cleaning for down coats

Down coat lightweight (up to 90 cm)700 rub
Overall1690 rub
Semi-overall990 rub
Down coat short (up to 90 cm)900 rub
Down coat long (from 90 cm)1180 rub
Winter waistcoat770 rub
+ with hood200 rub

Dry cleaning for curtains and home textile

Pillow (syntepon) max size 60х60320 rub
Blanket, plaid, bedspread (1,5-bed size)750 rub
Blanket, plaid, bedspread (2-bed size)950 rub
Blanket, plaid, bedspread European size1150 rub
Case, armchair cover400 rub
Duvet (1,5-bed size)1400 rub
Duvet (2-bed size)1600 rub
Duvet European size (200х220)1700 rub
Decorative pillowcase, chair cushion250 rub
Duvet cover670 rub
Sheet540 rub
Sofa cover, mattress cover (1,5-bed size)850 rub
Sofa cover, mattress cover (2-bed size)1100 rub
Sleeping bag750 rub
Bath mat560 rub
Baby envelope blanket650 rub
Flag550 rub
Tulle (m2)115 rub
Curtains, drapes, lambrequin (m2)190 rub

Cleaning for table linen with stain removal

Tablecloth standard size (1,5х2 m up to 2 m D)500 rub
Tablecloth non-standard size (with flounces, frills, big sized)680 rub
Napkin standard size (45х45 cm)95 rub
Napkin non-standard size140 rub

Dry cleaning for fur garments and fur coats

Natural fur garments

Fur coat from 90 cm (expensive fur)4000 rub
Fur coat up to 90 cm (expensive fur)2900 rub
Fur coat from 90 cm (low-cost fur)2350 rub
Fur coat up to 90 cm (low-cost fur)1900 rub
Fur lining1000 rub
Fur edge up to 40 cm290 rub
Shawl (low-cost fur)620 rub
Shawl (expensive fur)900 rub
Hood, hat, collar (low-cost fur)500 rub
Hood, hat, collar (expensive fur)720 rub
Waistcoat, bolero (expensive fur)2000 rub
Waistcoat, bolero (low-cost fur)1150 rub
Pelt natural (for m2)550 rub

Fake fur garments dry cleaning

Bolero450 rub
Fur lining490 rub
Fake fur hat380 rub
Fur coat, sheepskin coat (from 90 cm)990 rub
Fur coat, sheepskin coat (up to 90 cm)650 rub
+ with hood200 rub

Dry cleaning for leather and suede

Gloves, mittens (sheepskin, thick suede)500 rub
Headwear, hood (leather, combined)600 rub
Vest, shorts1400 rub
Jumper1800 rub
Skirt up to 40 cm1250 rub
Skirt up to 40 cm1800 rub
Sundress1850 rub
Shirt1850 rub
Trousers, breeches1900 rub
Blazer, jacket, short coat2650 rub
Cloak, coat up to 90 cm3000 rub
Sheepskin coat up to 90 cm2950 rub
Sheepskin coat longer than 90 cm3100 rub
Leather down coat2450 rub
Jacket with sheepskin lining3100 rub
Coat with sheepskin lining3300 rub
Fur ugg boots (sheepskin)1200 rub

Garments with textile elements

Vest, shorts1200 rub
Trousers, breeches1600 rub
Jumper1250 rub
Blazer, jacket, short coat up to 90 cm2150 rub
Coat longer than 90 cm2400 rub

Garments with fake fur

Jacket, short coat up to 90 cm2700 rub
Coat longer than 90 cm2900 rub
Leather trim coloring (1 detail)100 rub


Stage costume1000 rub
Hockey outfit (field player)** (up to 17 kg)1100 rub
Hockey outfit (goalkeeper) (17-35 kg)1300 rub
Part of outfit (single, pair set for extremities protection)300 rub
Sports shoes (trainers, skates, roller skates), pair300 rub
Sports shoes (boots, ski-boots), pair500 rub
Head covering, helmet300 rub
Bag, trunk bag500 rub
For children (child car seat, secure baby carrier, removable parts of pram)500 rub
For pets (pet bedding, pet house)400 rub