History of the company

The history of our company has started since 1996, when after marketing research of service sector in St. Petersburg it became absolutely clear that in post-Soviet time our city has almost no dry cleanings with high quality services.

Thus the company founders decided to establish new dry cleaning workshop with new standards of cleaning and quality of services.

In February 1997 the company purchased the Italian equipment RENZACCI, that was the best and the most qualified in Europe in that period. The necessary industrial premise that met all requirements, state standards and parameters was finally found on Planernaya Street, 47.

There were made cosmetic repairs and installed all equipment in the workshop, so on 15 April 1997 the Italian dry cleaning "Apetta" welcomed first clients.

The customer base was constantly growing despite the fact that the workshop was situated in Primorsky region, the clients from all the regions visited us.

The dry cleaning services were in a great demand.

Within three years after the opening the workshop on Planernaya it was absolutely clear that we needed to expand the network for the comfort of the clients from other regions and to provide them with high quality services.

On 13 June 2002 the significant event for our company happened. There was opened new workshop in a rented zone of hypermarket “O’KEY” near metro station “Ozerki”. Since that moment the company "Apetta", together with the network of hypermarkets “O’KEY”, has started its rapid strategy of development in all regions of the city.

In May 2003 there was opened the workshop “Zhukov”, in October 2003 – the workshop “Tipanov” that promoted dry cleaning "Apetta" in the south of St. Petersburg as well.

The rapid development of dry cleaning network allowed the company to start thinking about the regional development.

In August 2005 there was opened the first dry cleaning workshop in Rostov-on-Don. We managed to implement completely all the standards, accepted in our company and this city. After training and passing exams our staff is ready to provide you with full range of dry cleaning and laundry services at the highest quality. 

Moreover the development of the company in St. Petersburg did not stop and in December 2005 there was opened one more workshop of dry cleaning and laundry network "Apetta" in a hypermarket on ul. Savushkina.

In the following years the company was growing and growing...

In 2006 we opened 5 workshops: in March – on pr. Bogatyrsky, in June – on pr. Zanevsky and on 26 December 2006 we opened 3 workshops: workshop on pr. Moskovsky, workshop pr. Bolshevikov and reception office in a hypermarket on Pulkovskoye highway.

In 2007 there were opened 3 workshops: in January on Vyborgskoye highway, in February on pr. Prosveschcheniya and in December on ul. Balkanskaya in St. Petersburg.

Due to the growing need of dry cleaning and laundry services in Rostov-on-Don the new reception office was opened in November.

In March 2008 the network “Apetta” European dry cleaning” opened new laundry workshop and equipped it with modern hi-tech machinery, so today it can offer new service – laundry of bed and table linen for corporate clients: restaurants, hotels, different social institutions and other legal entities, that need dry cleaning and laundry services.

Our clients are the largest hotel networks such as: Radisson, Kempinski, ParkInn and many others. Many famous restaurants became our loyal customers. The list of our services is constantly growing and we are improving the quality and the speed of rendering services to clients.

Despite the crisis that influenced public welfare a lot, the company never stops developing.

In 2008 the network “Apetta” European dry cleaning” continued opening reception offices, and in 2009 there was opened one more regional workshop in Noginsk (Moscow region).

In 2010 there was opened one more workshop in Rostov-on-Don, and that shows the demand for our services in regions in Russia as well.

Today the company is rapidly developing at the market of public services in St. Petersburg and on the territory of Russian Federation.

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